During the 1993/1994 season, one lousy scouser infamously put the following words on a banner: ‘Au revoir Cantona and Man United, come back when you’ve won 18’. He was refering to the scousers’ 18 league titles compared with MUFC’s (then) tally of 8. Little had that arrogant brat known how history would unfold in the following 17 years! 14 May 2011. Fergie clinched United’s 19th title - the 12th under his tenure - with arguably one of the weakest team to win the championish. While Liverpool are stuck to 18, United are one of the most consistent title winning sides in Europe and are still hungry for more. With the record as the team with most championships under the belt, the Reds can now confidently prepare for the clash of the titans at Wembley on May 24 against Barcelona, with Europe’s most coveited trophy as the prize.